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„Experienced, Skilled and Highly Motivated"

According to our philosophy, our consultants are experienced, skilled and highly motivated and have a deep industry background and are either:

  • Dairy and Food Engineers
  • Technicians
  • Agricultural Engineers
  • Food Technologists
  • Management Experts, Economists
  • Software-Engineers

We ensure that our customers receive efficient and successful consulting. Many of our consultants have been working for many years in the dairy and food industry and therefore “speak the language of practitioners” - our customers.

  • Our employees usually have years of industry and consulting experience
  • Our employees are known for high flexibility and performance, as well as their skills in analysis and design

Trusting Advice
Consulting areas often require an in-depth inspection of the data structures and organisation of the company:

  • We are aware of this responsibility and act accordingly
  • For us, all company internal facts are strictly confidential

Our strong presence in the dairy industry is evidence that we meet this confidentiality.

Efficient Consulting Services
Conditions for efficient and economic consulting services are our industry and professional expertise in connection with extensive experience:

  • Our employees understand the realities, problems and peculiarities of our industry due to our own extensive experience
  • Consulting projects can be initiated immediately without the expensive training phase of the consultant
  • Through numerous experiences from similar projects, we can rely on proven approaches and implementation strategies
  • This knowledge prevents false concepts and implementation strategies
  • We are aware of the critical points and are able to consider changes