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FELIX® raw material and production planning has been developed specifically for the dairy and food industry and is based on many years of practical experience.

FELIX® production and raw material planning is a flexible, independent billable planning tool that is fully integrated in the ERP system.

The planning tool is designed for simulation capability and the rapid implementation of the planning tasks.


The FELIX® production and raw material planning is particularly adapted to the raw material and its ingredients.


The planning tools are geared to the specific requirements of the different planning areas such as:

  • Cheese Products Planning
  • Fresh Products Planning
  • Powder Products Planning
  • Whey Products Planning
  • Raw Material Planning

The planning periods engage with each other, are flexible and available as a rolling monthly, weekly and daily planning:

  • Sales, Warehouse and Production Planning
  • Semi-Finished Products, By-Products
  • Demand for Raw Materials (raw material types)
  • Raw Material Surplus Utilisation
  • Raw Material Procurement and Sales Planning
  • Capacity Requirements Planning (departments, warehouses)
  • Manufacturing, filling and packing planning (plants)


Increased Efficiency through Production and Raw Material Planning

FELIX® production and raw material planning can achieve a number of positive effects, such as:

  • Optimizing Product Availability and Inventory Levels
  • Reduction of Machine Downtime
  • Improved Transparency of the entire Process
  • Increasing the Performance of Systems
  • Timely Material Provision
  • Optimization of Warehouse Use
  • Optimization of Raw Material Flows and Surplus Utilisation

Experienced Consultants Support System Implementation

In production and raw material planning, accurate and proper support of the planning processes is the basic requirement for acceptance by the "planner". This requires at first, an actual analysis of the business processes, the organisation and the planning and controlling processes. On this basis, the conception of defining the areas of planning, the planning process, the organisational structure and the project plan take place. Parallel to the program implementation data integration, training, commissioning and release are taking place.