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High raw material costs and an intensive use of automated production techniques are typical for dairy and food manufacturing companies. This requires effective daily raw material and plant controlling. FELIX® covers the batch and daily monitoring with regards the raw materials, equipment and services of an overall MES system, and is prepared for the acquisition of data from equipment and machinery.

Raw Material Controlling - Operational Survey

From raw material receiving over all processing stages to the finished product there is a continuous quantity calculation. In parallel, the milk components required in the production processes for the raw material, semi-finished and by-products, as well as specific materials are calculated.

Using department specific raw material and material balances, target-actual comparisons proceed and other characteristic numbers "losses" can be recognised daily and actions to minimise them can be initiated.

The FELIX® raw material and operating monitoring system allows continuous quantity and milk components accounting from receiving raw materials through all stages of production to the finished product by departments, plants and at company level.

Over all semi-finished products and by-products manufacturing levels, the raw material used in the finished product can be calculated as the actual / target comparison.

In addition to the focus on raw material controlling also valuable materials (additives) can be included in the daily operation controlling.

For all dairy departments proven concepts are available:

  • Raw Material Receiving
  • Raw Material Handling and Storage
  • White and Fresh Products
  • Fermented Milk Products, Yogurt, Dessert
  • Butter Products
  • Fresh, Curd Cheese, Hard Cheese, Processed Cheese, etc.
  • Dry and Sterilised Products
  • Whey Products

FELIX® allows milk receiving, departmental, plant and consolidated milk balance sheets. These are created in differentiated batches, so that batch traceability of raw materials can be supported.

Daily raw material and operating control are parallel to the daily raw material and ingredients budgets, target-performance comparisons, and yield figures for:

  • Raw Material Receiving- and Procurement
  • Milk Treatment Balance (quantity, ingredients)
  • Raw Material Usage and Utilisation
  • Department Target-Actual Comparison (gain, code numbers)
  • Batch Controlling (for raw materials, semi-finished and by-products)
  • Production Quantity Controlling (I-point, stocks)
  • Process and Operational Data Collection (from MES/PDA, MDA systems)
  • Operating Administrations (statistics, state offices)

Benefits of FELIX® Plant Controlling

Due to the value of raw material costs, FELIX® raw material and plant controlling, the production efficiency can be supported significantly due to daily transparency.

  • Minimisation of the Total Operating Loss Factor and the Department Losses
  • KPI’s to the Daily Processing Processes
  • Process Data Integration (production orders, raw materials-, materials-, machine data, energy data) from MES systems
  • Basics for the Monthly Cost and Plan Calculation (raw material, SF stocks)
  • Supply of Controlling KPI’s (loss factors, target-actual comparison, etc.)
  • Baseline Data for Target Systems for the Employee Management

Experienced Consultants Support System Implementation

On the basis of raw material and production process pre-analysis, first the "loss potential" is determined. The objective is that already in the implementation phase first savings can happen. For this purpose experienced consultants with in-depth manufacturing expertise are available. On this basis, the conception (methods, invoicing, data integration- and tracking, reporting, targets) takes place. Parallel to the program implementation, data integration, training, commissioning and release occurs in accordance with the project planning.