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Specific Software for the Dairy and Food Industry

FELIX® incorporates more than 3 Decades of dairy specific know-how in the range of planning, optimising and controlling: from raw material procurement, production, sales, and administration up to the customer.

Industry specific software characteristics and high level potential in consulting ensure rapid and efficient system introduction.

FELIX® adapts to the problems of the dairy industry – not the other way round. Methodically correct practice solutions exist for all dairy and food production departments.

With FELIX®, an integrated controlling, planning and optimisation software is available for the dairy and food industry.

Basic elements such as recipes and processes, quantities and costing date are available to all FELIX® applications.


FELIX® Complements ERP Systems with Special Industry Applications

FELIX® includes specially developed integrated planning and controlling applications for the dairy and food industry, which close the bridge between the production and commercial areas. The following FELIX® applications are available:


Raw Material in Focus
Due to its high value the raw material is the focus of planning, production and controlling.  FELIX® is considering the special raw material facts in a whole application range.

  • High Intrinsic Value of the Raw Material
  • Different Types of Raw Material
  • Differentiation Ingredients (fat, protein, casein, lactose, ash, dry matter)
  • Parallel Units (kg, litres, pieces)
  • By-Products
  • Material Valuation
  • Raw Material Exploitation

Processes in View
As an industry solution FELIX® is geared to the specific processes of the dairy and food Industry:

  • Raw Material Collection and Receiving
  • Raw Material Processing and Utilisation
  • Product Manufacturing
  • By-Production Processes
  • Packaging and Filling
  • Logistics and Distribution Processes
  • Service Processes
  • Business Processes

Batch Differentiation
FELIX® enables continuous batch differentiation from operational planning, raw material and operational controlling to process costing

  • Quantitative Batch Differentiation
  • Batch Differentiation in Process Cost Accounting and Calculation

Process Volume- and Process Cost Accounting
More than 25 years ago the first process volume calculation and process cost accounting was introduced to the dairy industry. The process cost accounting provides differentiated process cost information for the planning, calculation and the controlling.


Integrated FELIX® Applications
All FELIX® applications are integrated with each other, take hold on common master and transaction data and use the same tools for customising and reporting.


Intense Process Know-How for FELIX® Implementations
For 3 decades GKC has consulted almost exclusively for the dairy and food industry. Extensive consulting experience in the dairy industry ensures specific and rapid implementation of controlling and planning systems.


Increasing Efficiency in the Implementation Stage
The special focus of the software as well as intensive process knowledge in the dairy and food industry allows high efficiency effects already in the implementation stage.


More than 2/3 of German milk processing companies and about 70 % of Austrian dairies are supported by FELIX® applications.


Suitable for different sized Companies

 FELIX® is suitable for very large dairy companies as well as for smaller dairies:

  • High Experience in Multi-Unit Sites
  • Cross-Plant Applications

FELIX® bundles and focuses the Know-How of our Dairy Practitioners
For 3 decades, the experience and suggestions by practitioners, even on the part of our partners and FELIX® consultants have been continuously integrated into our software. This procedure ensures that the software consistently meets the needs of the industry and the needs of users.


Data Integration and Acquisition
FELIX® obtains the required data from the production, logistics and ERP systems. For data integration, integration tools and many years of experience in integration processes with various ERP process and business data are available.  FELIX® also allows manual business and process data recording using standard or individual data entry.