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Equipment and efficiency controlling permits the determination of efficiency reserves and creates set points for improvements in production and logistics.

For daily running processes, such as collecting and receiving, processing, distribution, etc.,​​ the process times and process performance targets are determined on the basis of standard default values. These are then compared with the actual times.

For assessment and analysing the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), an operational performance indicator (OPI), labour performance indicator (LPI), downtimes, target-performance comparisons, and various other measures are available.


FELIX® uses special processes for the recording of actual times and for the calculating of target times. They are differentiated by:

  • Preparation / Set Up Processes
  • Manufacturing Processes
  • Processing Processes
  • Final/Cleaning Processes

Primary and secondary processes are clearly defined for all stages such as:

  • Collecting and Receiving
  • Milk Standardisation
  • Intermediate Cleaning, etc.

The measures necessary for set point calculation defaults and services can be used directly or with a safety margin for the production planning schedule for the time calculation and process cost calculation.

Target Time Determination / KPI

For the executed processes (preparation, manufacturing, set-up/switching processes, final/cleaning processes, delivery, etc.) target times can be determined due to standard times or services (units/h). Based on this, target-actual-comparison, KPI’s such as the level of performance, OEE and set up ratio etc. can be determined.


Performance Analysis

The performance analysis can take place on production orders for plant and machinery and for defined compression levels (line group, department, plant, facility types, etc.) as well as arbitrary periods of time (e.g.: day, week, month, quarter, year).There are KPI’s and reports available for each department.


Experienced Consultants support the System Implementation

With equipment and efficiency controlling, a data base should be created.  On that basis operational efficiency improvement processes can take place systematically. For this purpose, the required KPI for each department and process have to be established. They must be able to stimulate improvement measures and to monitor their implementation. This requires at first an analysis of the actual performance of the business processes, the organisation and the planning and control processes. In order to limit introduction and maintenance costs, it is important to have the correct setting of process times and services. On the basis of a result/oriented actual analysis, an overall concept is created in advance which includes the definition KPI, the data integration, the structure and the process organisation. Parallel with the program implementation data integration, training, as well as the commissioning and release are taking place in accordance with the project planning.